Clinton Cash (Cont.)

I’m not going to stop writing about the Clintons. It’s too important to keep reminding potential voters why putting another Clinton in the White House needs to be avoided at all costs.

Speaking of costs:

Equal Pay

The Clintons’ mania for piling up as much money as possible for the least amount of work is becoming legendary. We’re also learning more Latin in stories about them—like quid pro quo:

Phone Call

Both Clintons seem to be quite comfortable with this arrangement. Nothing disturbs their concept of appropriate actions or awakens their moral sensibilities:

Back Home

Hillary’s latest strategy is to accuse Republicans of trying to keep minorities from voting. Never mind there is no proof for the accusation, and that the evidence actually points in the opposite direction. This is merely a ploy to get the base riled up and deflect attention from her own scandals:


For the Clintons, everything is political and there are no limitations on dishonest and/or misleading tactics.