Obama’s Constant Flow of Silly Comments

I wasn’t going to write anything about President Obama today. Really, I wasn’t. But he’s just too hard to ignore when he’s so clueless and/or so ideologically blind that he almost forces me to address his constant flow of silly and destructive comments.

I’ve got three examples. First, the whole Obamacare fiasco. His administration continues to claim it’s a success despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Covering More People

The company running the website has withdrawn (the second one to do so). Hopefully, the Supreme Court will rule against the federal exchanges (since they were not in the bill at all) and some of those remaining state exchanges are in deep financial trouble.

O'Care Exchanges

Obamacare has not worked and never will. Don’t expect, though, that Obama will ever admit that.

He’s also constantly harping on the “privileged” in society who apparently got there only with government help and can take no credit for their successes. Then he rails against them for not helping society more, regardless of the fact that it’s those entrepreneurs that actually create jobs whenever the government gets out of the way and lets them. Above all, though, what strikes me is the utter hypocrisy of all his denunciations. Has he ever thought of applying his complaints to himself?


What really tipped the balance today, though, and made me comment on him, was the disaster unfolding in Iraq and his misplaced focus. The city of Ramadi just fell to ISIS, meaning that three of the major four cities in that country are now in the hands of this terrorist organization. What does his administration say about it? Well, that’s just a little setback. Don’t worry, our strategy is working. You call that “working”? And then who does he reach out to for help?

Little Help

I don’t think insanity is too strong a term to use here. It’s truly insane to believe that Iran will be there to “help” us.

Then, to top it off, Obama spoke at the commencement for graduates of the Coast Guard and told them that the real national security threat is—get ready for it—climate change! Not a word about terrorism or the collapse of a regime that had, at one point, been stabilized. This is beyond clueless; this is deliberate and obstinate stupidity. He needs to realize one thing:

No Finale

Sadly, I don’t expect him to realize it. We are saddled with the worst presidential administration in American history.