Alternate Realities

Let’s make today “Catch Up Day” in Obamaworld and Clintonworld. In case you’re not sure what those are, those are alternate realities, outside the realm of what the rest of us experience.

If you watch the news, you know that the reporters are almost breathless over the drop in the unemployment rate. Why, it’s only 5.4% now, so Obama’s policies must be working. What they ignore, of course, is the rising number of people no longer in the workforce; we’re at the lowest percentage in decades. This is hardly a robust economy, but they do their best to make it seem as if it is:

It Moved

After all, we’re only in year six of Obamaworld. We have to give his policies time to work, right?

He’s also done his best to heal the racial problems and promote equality:

What Everyone Says

Then there’s his rather unique approach to foreign policy, which he views a little differently than most:

How Nice

If this disturbs you, there is another opportunity in 2016 to choose a new president. You can always opt for Hillary Clinton, who is very charitable:

Charity Begins

Well, at least she’s family-centered.

And don’t worry about those tiny little scandals. I’m sure there’s nothing to them, and there won’t be any new ones to arise:

Other Shoe

If such minor things bother you, all you have to do is ask her about them. She’s promised to be open and honest about everything.

One Question

That’s my Obamaworld and Clintonworld report for today. There will be more to come, you can be sure.