The Benevolent Clintons

Let’s be honest. Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency has been full of trouble thus far. All those inconvenient reports about erased e-mails and millions of dollars coming to the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries while she was secretary of state have placed speed bumps in her triumphal cruise to the top.

Seasoned political observers have often commented that she lacks her husband’s ability to talk his way out of anything. They also have been known to say that he is her best asset on the campaign trail, giving her the guidance she needs to tackle the tough problems:

Nailed It

However, fewer are saying that now, given the disastrous comments he made last week when asked about the Foundation. When asked specifically if he would continue to give speeches (particularly to foreign entities) that pay him upwards to $750,000 per speech, he said he would definitely continue because he has to pay the bills.

Um, how many families have bills that run into the millions? That was not exactly the “common touch” one might have expected from him. All these years out of office, and reveling in the abundance of funds that have come his way, may have dulled his political senses. The cartoonists wasted no time in picking up on this:

Bills to Pay

Gotta Pay

The Clinton Foundation deserves to be put under strict scrutiny, as it appears to be little more than a funnel through which the Clintons have become super-wealthy. Remember how Harry Reid would give florid Senate speeches denouncing the “evil” Koch brothers who fund conservative candidates? Well, here are some statistics showing how the Kochs carry out the mission of their charitable foundation compared to that of the Clintons:

Managerial Overhead

Does something seem a little out of order here? Who is really being “helped” by the charitable foundation run by the Clintons?

Hillary Clinton deserves the greatest scrutiny journalism can provide. It’s time for journalists to step up their game and be what they always assert that they are: seekers of truth.