The Inevitable Hillary

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in stall mode, keeping her from the public and hoping that all the negative stories will somehow magically disappear. Of course, they have reason for hope, given the state of the mainstream media, but so far, it’s not happening.

The polls are rather disturbing for her, with one indicating only 25% believe she is honest and trustworthy. Frankly, I’m surprised she would poll that high on that subject. It’s really kind of laughworthy (if that’s a word) to see her running on the issue of restoring trust in government.

Restore Trust

For those of you who might be puzzled by the caption on that cartoon, let me remind you that at one time Hillary claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb Mt. Everest. The only problem is that she was born before he accomplished that feat. That was no one-time stumble; she has a long history of telling whoppers. Yet she says we should trust her.

Hillary Pinnochio

Her other big problem is the total artificiality of her interactions with ordinary Americans. Everything is staged. She seems to need instructions for how to talk to them.

Great Silver Bird

In her defense, we should keep in mind how difficult it is to descend from her lofty position and be forced to intermingle with those who work for a living. It’s a tough transition:

Completely Coincidental

The polls also show, however, that she maintains strong support from Democrats, with about 75% still in favor of her nomination. There is no question but that she will be the nominee this time, which might actually be the best scenario for Republicans. There is nothing inevitable about Hillary—except for continued scandals and lies.