What Hillary Deserves

Periodically, my political cartoon stash on a given subject begins to overflow, and I have to release the pressure. Today is one of those days. While the Clintons would like everyone to ignore their activities, the political cartoonists are not obliging. With the Clintons, there is always something new, and the excuses never change—they are never responsible for anything:

Cookie Jars

The e-mail controversy is not going away, even though now it seems to be eclipsed by all that funny money that found its way into the Clinton Foundation. Jesus warned us about having the proper foundation for everything we do. They should have paid better attention:


A lot of that money, coming from foreign sources, just “happened” to arrive prior to Hillary’s actions as secretary of state that also just “happened” to benefit the donors. This is a real ethical mess; it’s pretty toxic:

Cleanup Crew

If you’re tired of hearing about all these Clinton scandals, and you have a good memory of the 1990s, let me warn you—with them, it never will be over:

Make Room

Thus far, they have both stayed quiet. I guess they are trying to figure out the best strategy for attacking those who are pointing out the obvious truth. They have a lot of practice on this score:

Not True

And all the while, Hillary moves forward with a campaign based on transparency. The only kind of transparency she knows is captured well in this cartoon commentary:

Cheshire Candidate

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell was recently found guilty and sentenced to prison for far less than what Hillary has undoubtedly done. There is probably no better example of the double standard that exists when it comes to the Clintons. Will there be the kind of investigation needed? Will she ever be charged with anything? Will she ever pay the penalty for her actions?

Dollar Jail

That would be justice. That we will see justice done is highly unlikely. After all, she is awaiting her coronation, and the Democrats will do all in their power to make sure she gets what she wants, not what she deserves.