Clinton Corruption, Inc.

The new Clinton bombshell yesterday had to do with an instance of influence peddling that has put our national security at greater risk. There are so many twists and turns to the episode that I’m not even going to try to explain them all; however, here is the bottom line.

Russia now has control of up to half of America’s uranium. You know, the stuff that’s crucial for energy development and making weapons. In effect, Vladimir Putin is in possession of what should belong to the United States, and he can use it as he wishes—whether to bolster his own energy and weapons programs or sell it to the Iranians as they proceed toward their nuclear bombs.

Clinton FoundationHow did it happen? Again, the short version is that it was laundered through the Clinton Foundation, the so-called charitable institution that has made Bill and Hillary Clinton unbelievably rich. The Foundation, with Bill as the middle man, engineered the whole thing. What was Hillary’s role? As secretary of state, she signed off on it.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

It was also revealed that she routinely violated the agreement she had reached with the Obama administration to disclose all contributions to the Foundation that came from foreign sources. The Foundation is now being forced to revise all its tax filings for the last ten years.

This is one that may not go away. Even diehard liberals are appalled at what they have done. At the very least, it’s an ethical breach of the highest order.

Of course, none of this should shock anyone who has any knowledge of how the Clintons have operated throughout their public life. Anyone who won’t even talk to an audience without a promise of at least $250,000 in speaking fees is pretty much out for herself.

How to Meet

Images of the 1990s come floating back: renting out the Lincoln Bedroom, money from China funneled into Bill’s campaign, etc., etc.

Yet somehow, Hillary plans to sell herself to the public as the champion of the middle class, of the average American, of the ones put upon by the “rich.” She will straighten out all of this income inequality, she promises:

Clinton Wealth

Her people are circling the wagons once again, confident they can weather this new storm. We’re even being told what we can and cannot say about her. Certain words and phrases, they demand, must not be used:

Banned Words

Normally, I expect every Clinton scandal to eventually just disappear and be swept under the political rug. This time, I’m not so sure. When the New York Times pursues it, maybe it has “legs” after all. The Times might be doing so only because its editors don’t think she is progressive enough, and they want to see someone else as the candidate, but for whatever reason, at the moment that newspaper is on the right side of something for a change.

The Clinton Machine needs to be exposed for the corrupt entity it is. The Clintons should never be allowed to run anything of significance again, especially not the government of the United States.