Not Another Sequel, Please

Filmmakers only make sequels when the first film is a big box office hit. Even then, the sequel often falls flat as it tries to match the appeal of the first one. We have an attempted sequel in the making in politics right now. Enthusiasm for it is less than overwhelming.


By the way, for me and for millions of others, the original was not all that appealing. Another Clinton in the Oval Office does not promise hope, trust, or respect.

In her somewhat subdued announcement that she is a candidate for president, Hillary Clinton attempted to position herself as the one who will fight for the everyday American. As if she knows anything about what most would call everyday life. People who demand to be paid up to $300,000 per speech are not “everyday people,” to borrow the words of an old song. If you really believe she’s in this for you, look more carefully.

About Me

And then there’s all of that baggage, a meme that’s going to show up in a multitude of political cartoons for the next year and a half.


Yet there are those who will blindly follow her wherever she may take them. They have faith, but in what or whom? It would be best to examine your idol first to see if it is worth worshiping.


Maybe you have to be my age to get the Kool-Aid reference. Google it. Then, for the sake of the future of this country, do some hard thinking, please.