The President’s Magic Beans

That sort of, kind of beginning of some type of understanding upon which some future agreement might be based—otherwise known as the Iran “deal”—seems to be falling apart, if indeed there ever was anything to fall apart to begin with. It’s as if the Obama administration got a little ahead of itself. No surprise there. They tend to overlook some genuine concerns about dealing with Iran in their haste to achieve something they consider historic.

Fine Print

This so-called deal allows Iran to keep its underground facility that no one has been allowed to inspect. Neither are snap inspections part of the “understanding,” thereby letting Iran prepare for any inspection by covering up anything that’s really going on.


Then they try to sell this to Americans as a bargain that just can’t be passed up. Look what a great deal we have made!

Magic Beans

Don’t worry, we’re told. We’ll keep a close watch on the Iranians so they won’t cheat. And if they do, well then . . . um, well, what then? Might that not be a little too late?

Captain Obvious

Then President Obama has the audacity to criticize Gov. Scott Walker on his lack of understanding of foreign policy. Let’s examine the results of Obama’s foreign policy.

My Foreign Policy

I think we understand it pretty well. It’s hard to miss.