Today’s Oxymoron: Mandatory Choice

Perhaps lost in the avalanche of bad news in recent days was President Obama’s trial balloon in which he suggested that all Americans should be forced to vote. There are countries in the world who do that, and one that used to do so was the Soviet Union. An astounding 98% or so of its citizens would show up at the polls. Of course, if they didn’t vote, they were put on a list of non-compliant citizens who deserved watching. It was also amazing that the “voters” always chose the communist “candidates.”

Voting is a privilege, and there is a segment of our citizenry that has no idea what’s going on. We’re supposed to force them to vote? What might the results be?

Mandatory Voting

Not good—but I’m tempted to ask if that would be worse than what we have now.

Why is Obama so interested in this idea? It’s not that hard to figure out.

Lazy & Apathetic

Statist Quo

He doesn’t like people choosing their own healthcare; he opposes school choice; now he hints at mandatory voting. Is there anything at all in which he favors choice? Oh, yes, that one:

Not Much Else

Where’s the news media? Why don’t they point out these things? Why do they even exist? Wouldn’t it be much more efficient just to have the president deliver the news himself? After all, what’s the difference between the mainstream press and this administration?

Cost Saving Measure

That pretty much says it all.