Clinton Again? Really?

Yes, I know sin abounds in this world, and that I should not be at all surprised that it abounds in politics. After all, I’ve lived through the Clinton years and now am experiencing the Golden Age Disaster Age of Obama, replete with promises about how everyone can keep their doctors and healthcare, etc., etc.

Yet the sheer sense of entitlement and the we-can-get-away-with-anything attitude that permeates the Hillary Clinton camp is almost breathtaking. Never has one person accomplished so little while claiming to be “ready” for the presidency (current president excluded). Then the brazenness with which she expects to get away with deleting all her e-mails that “she” deemed unimportant (not allowing government officials to make that determination) is almost without parallel.

At least Richard Nixon turned over his tapes; he didn’t destroy them.

Strange as it may sound to modern ears, Nixon had more respect for the rule of law and integrity than Hillary Clinton does.

What Difference

Remember, as secretary of state, she was part of the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in American history.” Transparency redefined.


What’s amazing is that anyone can believe anything she says.


She certainly knows how to clean up after herself. It’s a trait she shares with her husband. Do we really want to return to all that?

Mrs. Clean

But she is poised to re-occupy the White House. May I suggest some campaign aids? Here’s a button she can use:

Clinton Campaign Button

And here is a slight modification to her campaign slogan:


Are we really going to do this again?