In a More Sane World . . .

While I’m aware that polls don’t mean a whole lot this far out from a presidential election, it’s still sad to see preliminary polls indicating Hillary Clinton beating any Republican challenger. You can say it’s because of high name recognition for her and low name recognition for some of those challengers (except Jeb Bush, of course), but the disheartening factor remains strong.

What does it take? First, we have all her baggage from years gone by. The mainstream media ignores that, so the low-information voter easily forgets about it—if he/she knew anything to begin with.

Then we have the revelation that the Clinton Foundation takes money from foreign governments even while she serves as secretary of state. That just isn’t done. Besides, the Foundation is more of a foundation for the Clintons’ financial benefit than for helping those in genuine need. Remember how Hillary said they left the White House dead broke? Her comments are on a shaky foundation also.

Clinton Foundation

This was followed by the further revelation that she had her own e-mail server apart from the government and conducted all government business through it. No, no, no, no, no. That isn’t done. Once it was exposed, she airily commented that it was no big deal, that she had turned over everything official to the government. How do we know? Trust her. Right.


At least all of this made some Democrats nervous, hoping there might be another alternative for 2016:

Bottom of Barrel

Apparently not.

In a more sane world, Hillary Clinton would never be allowed near the Oval Office.