Will Hillarygate Disappear?

Is it possible? Is it really possible? Is there finally a Clinton scandal that won’t go away? When even liberals are up in arms about something a Clinton has done, maybe there is hope.

The mainstream media tried its best to ignore the foreign contributions flowing into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state (nothing to see here, folks—move along), but the e-mail flap is growing too big to hide.

Well, maybe there is a good excuse for why she didn’t use a government e-mail for all her official business and instead set up a personal server in her home, despite the knowledge everyone had that it was against the law to do so. Let’s see, what might work?

Could Not Afford

No, I don’t think that’s going to fly. Well then, how about a tried and true method when your shady actions are disclosed?


You can’t go to that well too often—people will stop drinking the water after a while. Why not just tell the truth about how you conduct business?

Ethics Free

At least that would be honest. Honesty, though, is not the hallmark of the Clintons. A lot always goes on behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny:

Clinton Machine

Hillary’s defenders are nearly apoplectic over the consequences that may await her—and just when they thought her coronation was inevitable. The curtain of silence and secrecy needs to be drawn back to expose the corruption and lies that have been the fuel for the Clinton Machine throughout their careers living off the public dole:

Pay No Attention

So I return to my original question: is it possible that, finally, a Clinton will be held to account for illegal and untoward actions? I thought that was going to happen when the Monica Lewinsky news hit back in 1998. Some Democrats thought so, too. I recall George Stephanpoulos, recently resigned from the Clinton administration and picked up by ABC as a political commentator, saying that Clinton was toast. It didn’t turn out that way.

Please forgive me if I sound too cynical, but until Hillary is officially derailed as the Democrat nominee, I’ll suspend judgment as to whether I believe this time she will be called to account for her actions. For the good of the country, though, she needs to be derailed. We may not survive another corrupt, immoral Clinton in the White House.