All Obama, All the Time

The onrush of constant bad news on the national security front may be pushing aside one of the greatest threats to our liberty—the attempt by the Obama administration to wipe out the First Amendment protection for freedom of speech.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last Thursday voted to impose new regulations on the use of the Internet. The vote was 3-2, along party lines. Would anyone care to guess which party voted for these regulations? The FCC is supposed to be an independent agency of the government (how’s that for an oxymoron?) but I’ve never figured out how that works.

Here’s the other half of the problem: they didn’t tell us what the regulations will be. A cone of silence descended on the FCC. It was a “let’s-vote-for-this-before-we-let-the-cat-out-of-the-bag-and-the-hoi-polloi-rise-up-in-protest maneuver. Does that sound familiar?

Like Your Internet

On the purely practical side, if the government steps in to rule this vital part of our lives, we can be assured it won’t run properly:

Like It Or Knot

Head of IT

But the biggest threat is the potential for restricting Internet use for those who criticize the government. Blogs like this one may have to pass the test as “useful” for public dissemination of information. The government may require a license for permission to use the Internet in this way. Given the normal mode of operation for this administration, I have no doubt they would love to accomplish this.


I’ve said countless times that Obama and his minions are ideologically blind; they cannot see out of the ideological box in which they have been indoctrinated. That’s only half the problem, though. We have an electorate that is blind as well to the ideological bent of our current leaders. This is the willful blindness of a populace that doesn’t want to be bothered with facts.

Many of us saw the radical nature of Barack Obama as he first ran for president in 2008; the majority of voters apparently didn’t pay attention to it or care about it. Polls consistently show that only about 20% of the population considers itself ideologically liberal on the political spectrum. So where did Obama get the rest of his votes—twice? There is a mushy middle out there that doesn’t stop and consider the ramifications of his ideology.

One would hope that six years of this kind of rule would awaken the citizenry. After all, there is a pattern that is clearly visible:

All Obama

It’s all Obama, all the time, attempting to set himself up as the final authority on all things. Isn’t it well past the time to be willfully observant?