Defining “Feckless”

I watch the news and am appalled by the twin threats that face our national security: the increasing boldness of Islamic terrorism and the feckless policies of the Obama administration. In case you’re not sure about the definition of feckless, let me help: ineffective; incompetent; futile; having no sense of responsibility; indifferent; lazy. Does that cover it?

Blue Skies

Personally, I think our president bears a certain resemblance to another historical figure:

DC Burning

Maybe the only difference is that Nero was deliberately behind the burning of Rome. That can’t be Obama’s goal, of course . . . Well, come to think of it, perhaps it’s a perfect comparison. Either that or what I have come to call it on occasion—willful ignorance:

All This Fuss

Now we have the spokesman for the Pentagon saying we deplore the Egyptian air strikes on ISIS. You see, that’s not the way to solve this; it must be a political solution. That statement comes right on the heels of the State Department spokeswoman saying that if we could only provide enough jobs for people, they wouldn’t become terrorists:

Lack of Jobs

Beneath all this foolishness is the unwillingness to understand that Islamic terrorists don’t see the world in the same way as Westerners do (or did). Jobs are not their big concern; being faithful to their fanatical beliefs is. They are motivated by a religious fantasy fueled by hatred. No job is going to change that.

But we go our merry way, ignoring reality:

Refused to Cry Wolf

Yes, a huge chunk has been taken out of Western civilization. Pretty soon, it’s going to be hitting much closer to home. Many of us look forward to the 2016 elections in the hope of changing our government’s policies. The big question, though, is whether, by 2016, it will be too late to do anything. Will those policies have undermined us completely by then?

And despite all that is happening, President Obama’s latest approval rating is 50%. Are half of our citizens really that foolish? I fear that’s the case.