Islamic Terrorism Continues

The Islamists continue their war against the West while our president concentrates on the ultimate security threat—in his mind—global warming. Over the weekend we saw two more atrocities, one more publicized than the other.

The one that got the most coverage was in Copenhagen, Denmark, where a Muslim gunman murdered two and wounded others in two separate attacks. The first was at a debate over free speech, the second at a Jewish synagogue. All of central Copenhagen was shut down during the manhunt. He was found and killed.

Copenhagen Gunman

Two others have now been identified as accomplices and arrested.

The other horrific event was another ISIS video, this time from Libya, of the beheading of up to 21 Coptic Christians who had been taken hostage.

Beheading Christians

As you can see by the caption put out by ISIS, these men are called “the people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.” What Christians are going to have to realize is that the Islamists consider all of us as enemies and believe they are tasked by Allah to rid the world of all enemies. A far cry from the charge Jesus gave His disciples to go into all the nations and preach the Gospel of reconciliation with God.

These kinds of atrocities have only begun. Meanwhile, we have an administration that tells us the media is “hyping” the problem. It’s strange to me that this particular administration, which has been the darling of the media all along, should now be accused of “hyping” a real threat. If anything, from my point of view, it continues to downplay the truly horrific nature of what is occurring.

No matter what you may think of the Bush administration’s response to terrorism, it wasn’t the bankrupt policy we see now. How would President Obama have handled 9/11?

Stop Hyping

Our president chooses to ignore the threat because of his latent sympathies with Islam. He pretends it’s not really a big problem, but the Great Pretender may have to come to grips with it when another act—or a wave—of terrorism comes to our shores. In fact, I predict it will. I just hope it’s not on his watch because his response might simply be one word: surrender.