Welcome to the New Wonderland

I’ve been devoting more time than usual to national security and the threats that face us as a nation. It’s not that I want to do so; events are driving the commentary.

The latest from the Middle East is that the fallen Yemen government—you know, the one that Obama touted as a model for our great success in the War on Terror war on random acts of violence—has not only been deposed, but an Iranian-backed terrorist group has taken control. Yesterday, we not only evacuated our embassy, but the Marines were given orders to destroy all weapons, so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of the new “government.”

This comes on the heels of the news that another American hostage, this time a young woman of 26 and apparently a genuine Christian, Kayla Mueller, was killed by ISIS. Or should we not talk about such things? Are we just hyping a small problem into a major one?


No worries. Our president has gone to Congress for authorization to wage war against ISIS. Don’t look too closely at the details of this call for authorization; it has a time limit of three years and doesn’t allow for any contingency for the use of ground troops because, as we all know, one of his key pledges was to not get the U.S. “bogged down” in another ground war—regardless of what might be necessary to defeat an enemy. Yes, let’s undermine the whole “war” thing from the start; it’s simply too messy to get involved.

I Want You

At least Obama isn’t limiting himself in the Middle East only; he’s also turning his back on the Ukrainians as they try to defend themselves against Russian aggression. Consistency—what a wonderful trait.

Giving a Hand

Those with a libertarian bent might be concerned about my seeming call to war. Let me be clear (to quote our current leader): war is a last resort, but how long are we going to allow terrorism to flourish? This is not only a Middle Eastern issue; it affects us all eventually. Is there nothing we’re willing to stand strong for anymore? Are we now willing accomplices in our own destruction?

So instead of being serious about the Islamic threat, and not even evidencing a willingness to call it what it is, what do we get? A dire warning that climate change is our greatest security issue. Huh?

Urgent Threat

Our president is going to make sure he doubles down on our real enemies:


Alice in Wonderland depicts a more realistic view of the world than the one Barack Obama lives in.