The Williams-Clinton Connection

Everyone (except, of course, most of the mainstream media) is still talking about the outrageous stories Brian Williams has told about his time in Iraq. There are other accounts circulating now as well, particularly about some of his claims of what he saw and experienced when he was on the scene for Hurricane Katrina. It appears that stretching the truth (the polite term for lying) may be a habit for this former (?) newsman.


Yet, because we suffer as a nation from a selective type of amnesia, most have forgotten a similar tall tale from the lips of Hillary Clinton. Running against Obama in the 2008 primaries, she recounted a scary landing in Bosnia back in 1996 where, as she remembered it, she had to run from the plane to avoid the sniper fire all around her. It was harrowing.

There was only one problem with her memory—that never happened. News crews accompanying her had no recollection of any such incident. There are photos of her receiving flowers from a little girl. Video shows her strolling leisurely to her next destination.

In other words, she was “stretching the truth, a la Brian Williams.”

Sniper Fire

She was forced to acknowledge her “faulty memory.” Yet this is the person who was then appointed as our secretary of state, where her tenure was filled with missteps (that’s another blog post someday). And now she wants to be president.

If we can’t trust Brian Williams, why should we trust Hillary Clinton? He only reads news. She wants to be the commander in chief.

I wonder what story we may hear next?


Should the unthinkable happen, and Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, at least Brian Williams will have hope for a new assignment:

Clinton Press Secretary

May the unthinkable never happen.