The War on Language, Common Sense, & Dignity

The American public, in general, is not often tuned in to foreign policy. It takes a lot sometimes to get our attention—like airplanes plowing into buildings. It would benefit us, however, to constantly stay on top of this president’s foreign policy because it is so dangerous to the future of the country.

As I’ve mentioned more times than I can count, President Obama not only doesn’t believe in a War on Terror, he doesn’t even want to believe in it. This ideology leads him to say and do foolish things.

He refuses to link, verbally, Islam with terrorist actions. He calls an Islamic fanatic who kills soldiers at Ft. Hood a man who committed “workplace violence.” He’s quite enamored with the word “violence,” in a vague sort of way, hoping it is general enough to apply to those he and his media allies consider the real enemies:


He has withdrawn troops in Iraq and Afghanistan too readily, against the wishes of his military advisers, and we have reaped another Middle Eastern whirlwind with the rise of ISIS and the return of the Taliban. What kind of policy is that?

I Surrender

Yesterday, one of his spokesmen refused to call the Taliban a terrorist organization, despite the fact it was designated one more than a decade ago. It was awkward in the extreme to watch him hem and haw and fumble around when asked the question. We may no longer have a genuine War on Terror, but we do seem to have a War on the English Language and a War on Common Sense.

That reminds me. While all these terrorist activities ramp up, where does Obama go to share his message of “all is rainbows and butterflies”? To YouTube “stars” who get a lot of attention—like this one:

YouTube Star

This one, in particular, is “famous” for taking a milk bath with Fruit Loops, putting her face in the milk and eating them. Well, we wouldn’t want to lower the dignity of the office of the presidency now, would we? And just when I thought Bill Clinton had done that to an extent where it couldn’t go any lower. I was wrong.

President Obama has time to hobnob with fools like this, but not time to sit down with the prime minister of Israel, whom he says he will not meet when he comes to address Congress in March? What does Netanyahu have to do to get his attention?

Draw Bath

This presidency—and I say this as a professor of American history who has studied all presidencies—is the most destructive our nation has ever had to endure.