Reaction to the president’s State of the Union address still rumbles. His true self was on display, promising the world while knowing there will be no consequences because nothing he promised will come to pass. And his snide aside, commenting that he won two elections, lowered the dignity of this address even more than usual.

He keeps using the word “free” when it comes to all those promises. One gets the impression he thinks that’s how life is supposed to work:


Yet, anyone with even half a brain knows there is always a cost. You can’t fool everyone with extravagant pledges; they realize where the funding comes from ultimately:

Our Money

He naturally wants people to think that only those in the 1% will be paying for all this, but that target is much too small, and even the 1% don’t have enough to cover all the costs he proposes:

Robin Hood

While Obama may want to be seen as a modern-day Robin Hood, taking from the rich to give to the poor, he doesn’t understand the real setting of that story/legend. Robin was taking from a tyrannical government that had robbed the people of their own resources. He was merely giving it back to them. Obama doesn’t represent Robin Hood; he’s the representative of tyrannical government.

The big omission in the address, of course, was any talk of the reality of the world situation regarding terrorism. He acted as if all is just fine. Either he’s unbelievably blind or he simply wants to change the subject because it showcases his astounding failures. Yemen, his example of success, has now succumbed to the terrorists; the failure of his foreign policy is pervasive and obvious to all with any semblance of rational thought:


Franklin Roosevelt is not one of my favorite presidents, but at least he did act after Pearl Harbor. Have you ever stopped to consider what might have been if Obama had been president when that attack took place?

Bring Them to Justice

Ludicrous as that may seem, this administration has a real affinity for making ludicrous decisions.

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez finds it very hard to believe Obama really meant everything he said in the State of the Union. I’ll let his commentary be the final word today:

State of Our Union