If You Don’t Feel Safe . . .

The most important and vital duty of the United States government, and the main one sanctioned by the Constitution, is to protect and defend its citizens. For that to be operative, those who are temporarily placed at the head of the government must be able to recognize the threats and deal with them effectively. It is crucial that we have a president who can clearly identify the real threats, and not actually sympathize with the enemy.

We are in a bad place with our current chief executive:


A few days ago, President Obama had a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron. It was painful to watch, as Cameron bluntly called Islamic terrorism what it was, while the president of the United States repeatedly avoided the term and would only say “extremist violence.” His refusal to identify the main threat to this country as Islamic has become almost comical, if not for the dire consequences of his willful blindness:

Just Say It

As I’ve noted before, all this stems from his own worldview in which he personally identifies with the Islamic world—and all whom he considers to have been oppressed by Western civilization. I believe he really does see the problem, but he stubbornly wants the problem to be something else. But pretending it isn’t the problem only leads to more problems:

Rose Garden

He’s also busy releasing terrorists from Gitmo—twenty-seven since the November elections—and seems to be increasing the pace. The problem with that? It’s called high recidivism: they go back to their terrorist activities, thereby making the job of overcoming the enemy even more difficult. Again, this is based on a pattern of willful blindness about who we’re dealing with:

Vegan Now

If the terrorists had their own satire magazine, it would probably read like this:


But would Obama recognize it as satire? Will he ever face reality or continue to rationalize?

On the Run

If you don’t feel safe, you’re not alone.