Of all the missteps in the Obama administration, none has so roundly raised the ire of people representing both sides of the political spectrum as his absence from the Paris unity march. As I said in a previous post, I’m not much for marches that are more symbol than substance, but sometimes symbolism is important enough to warrant participation.

The outrage over our president’s seeming lack of concern over Islamic terrorism may be one of the best developments of the Obama era. It may awaken even the most ignorant of our fellow citizens.

The cartoonists are certainly drawing attention to this faux pas. Using the now-famous unity march picture, one cartoonist added his own touch:


And this is not a cartoonist who ordinarily finds Obama a prime target for his artistry.

Others also invoked the image of the march, with their own twists:

Where's Obama

Waldo Obama

Perhaps the cartoonist who pictured the incident this way was closest to the true nature of the problem:

Je Suis Clueless

Since “offensive” cartoons were what ostensibly led to the terror attack, let me end with this:

Offensive Cartoon