News Coverage: Fact vs. Fiction

Regular readers of this blog know that I periodically comment on the state of the media, whether for news or for entertainment. Sad to say, they often intersect. It’s no joy for me to point out the problems, particularly since my first degree was in radio, TV, and film production. I’ve always loved the media’s potential for being a benefit to society.

Unfortunately, the media now, both in news and entertainment, seem more focused on agendas, and the most disturbing development is the apparent nonchalance over whether what is being reported is even accurate. The big thing now is to create “awareness,” a word I used to like but would now excise from the language if I could:

Increase Awareness

How does it help anyone to put forward stories that have not been adequately researched to find out if they’re actually true? Truth should never be a casualty.

Is It True

Truth is no longer the goal; forwarding a political/cultural agenda is. Conscience, at times, seems to disappear:

A Bad Thing

There really should be a distinction between fact and fiction. When our sources for news blur the two, our civilization devolves more quickly. Anyone remember the word “integrity”?


As a student of American history, I can point to these same types of problems in the past, but I sense we’ve turned a corner—and not a good corner—in the past few years:

News That Matters

Choose your sources for news carefully. While it might be interesting to know if dogs dream in color, there are far more important things for us all to focus on.