Obama’s Islamic Terrorist Problem

Islamic terrorism in France has dominated the news the past 24 hours. Twelve people at a magazine that refused to bow to threats for satirizing Mohammed were murdered. The two terrorists are still on the loose. The Old Testament concept of an eye for an eye was simply a statement of equal justice, and was never intended to be carried out in this way.

Radical Islam

The French president immediately called it for what it was: terrorism. It took a while longer for our president to do the same. He had opted for “an act of violence” as a first response. Remember “workplace violence” at Ft. Hood? Even when he did come around to labeling it as terrorism, he steadfastly refused to put the proper adjective with it: Islamic.

For President Obama, there is no Islamic terrorism. Anyone doing it in the name of Islam isn’t really Islamic, you see. And those “lone wolf” actions, well, certainly they aren’t inspired by a worldwide terrorist network.

Completely Coincidental

And in his haste to fulfill one of his pledges before his administration expires, he is quietly releasing more prisoners from Gitmo:

Travel Club

For most of them, their time at Gitmo hasn’t exactly been torture—free Korans and prayer rugs, outside exercise, and special meals to accommodate their beliefs. Our soldiers there don’t eat as well as the prisoners.

As he lets them go, Obama seems to think that all will be well. They will be so gratified that he has released them that their love for America will soar:

Free to Go

His view of the world is woefully inadequate to the terrors of our age. I’ve stated this before and will do so again today: I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim. However, he was raised early on in a Muslim atmosphere and maintains sympathy for Islam as a result. When you couple that with his Marxist intellectual training, which sees Muslims as a group oppressed by the evil capitalists, and his strident anti-colonialism, you have the recipe for his current worldview.

His worldview problem, though, is our worldview problem. When a Paris episode like yesterday’s crops up here at home in the near future, how will he respond? His worldview only increases the danger to the nation he supposedly leads.