Facts? Who Needs Facts?

I haven’t yet mentioned the now-infamous story that appeared in Rolling Stone (not exactly one of my daily reads) alleging that a freshman girl at the University of Virginia was gang raped at a fraternity. In response to the article, the president of UVA suspended all fraternities and sororities on campus.

There’s only one problem: the incident never happened. Genuine journalistic reporting shows that none of the “facts” in the story aligned with reality. Rolling Stone has been forced to issue a retraction.

No Facts

That retraction was slow in coming. Why? There’s a liberal theme out there that says rape is part of the university culture, and that it is pandemic. The UVA president is part of that mindset. Although the story is now totally discredited, she hasn’t lifted the suspension. She still clings to what is probably a myth, and the story was just so “important” as an illustration of what liberalism wants to believe.

I’m no great fan of fraternities. While the “Animal House” narrative is obviously a stereotype and doesn’t apply to all fraternities, I am of the opinion that they don’t exactly promote sexual purity and a sober lifestyle overall. Yet it’s vital that we treat people based on the facts, not on stereotypes.

I’m afraid the liberal side of the media and academia (yes, I realize that “media,” “academia,” and “liberal” may seem synonymous, but I don’t want to stereotype either) don’t care much about facts anymore. It all has to do with the “message” they want to send, and they will use whatever means is available, fair or foul, to convey it.

After all, they’ve been playing fast and loose with facts about the Obama administration for years:


Victor Davis HansonIf you’ve never heard of Victor Davis Hanson, I’d like to introduce him to you today. He’s a conservative academic (therefore, part of an endangered species) who has written a commentary recently that is one of the most incisive and insightful I’ve had the privilege to read. It deals with this same topic: why don’t facts matter anymore to liberals? He goes through a whole litany of made-up facts over the past few years. It’s fascinating to see it all in one place.

You can find that article here. Please don’t be discouraged by the length. In this case, I never wanted the article to end—it is that good. If you are open to truth and facts, you will get a lot out of it. If not, you probably will just get angry. But that’s your problem; my task is to get the facts out there for you to read, and I’m being faithful to that task.