In Other News . . .

With the high-profile stories of amnesty via executive order and riots in Ferguson, other events have gone less noticed than they might have under normal circumstances.

For instance, Chuck Hagel is on his way out as secretary of defense. Although the administration tried to put a positive spin on it, nearly every news organization has sources within the administration that have made it clear Hagel was fired, regardless of the photo ops.

Mutual Decision

I won’t try to defend Hagel; he was kind of a turkey. However, we still have another problem: John Kerry remains as secretary of state. He just announced that the “talks” with Iran (which are going nowhere) will be extended another seven months. Another red line that has been erased. Stiffer sanctions not reimposed. Iran getting away with the development of its nuclear capability with no penalties.

Final Warning

Foreign policy is a mess. Our military is being downsized in a time of grave threats. One failure after another.

So maybe we can turn from politics and see what’s happening in the world of celebrities? Like Bill Cosby?

What a disappointment. The man who created the image of Cliff Huxtable, the dad everyone would like to have, is now accused by seventeen (!) women of either rape or unwanted sexual contact. He was in the middle of a TV comeback, which has now been canceled.

These Women

I”m sad it has turned out this way, and I know a person is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when there are seventeen separate accusations, it’s hard to maintain an air of neutrality on what the truth might be.

It’s instructive, though, to compare how this Bill is being treated with how another Bill is viewed:


In case you may have forgotten, there is a woman by the name of  Juanita Broaddrick who has a claim against the other Bill. She says she was raped by him. But no charges were ever brought. He has been a serial adulterer, but hasn’t paid any real penalty for that either. As the graphic notes, he gets paid millions just to show up and mouth a few platitudes.

Yes, there is a tremendous double standard. No, I don’t have Clinton nostalgia. I have a memory.