Beware the “Fairness” Argument

The world runs on the Internet, so of course President Obama resents the fact that he doesn’t have control over it. He has a bright idea. Let’s put the government in charge of how it is being used. You know—to be fair.

Whenever you hear a Democrat talk about “fairness,” beware. Remember the old Fairness Doctrine that was the law of the land for radio and television broadcasting? Its real purpose was to stifle opposition viewpoints. Fortunately, it was overturned, although the Progressive Dream is to see it reinstated so they can rein in popular commentators like Rush Limbaugh.

What they once did to broadcasting, they now want to do with the Internet. Don’t worry. We’re the impartial, helpful federal government making things “fair” for you. Although that will entail new rules, you understand.

Trust Us

Why, you’ll hardly notice the difference, and you’ll feel so safe:

Net Neutrality Program

We’re always assured it’s for the best. There are real questions, though, as to how easy it will be to enforce the rules:

Internet Freedom

We should keep in mind one rule that should always be in effect:

Not Broken

If you love Obamacare, you will love this misnamed Net Neutrality.