Real Change Coming?

Tomorrow is D-Day for the next two years in Congress. Are voters going to finally oust the reprehensible Harry Reid from leadership of the Senate, or are they going to put up with this kind of obstructionism for another two years? Most prognosticators—myself included—are hopeful for a change in leadership. Democrat candidates themselves provide that hope by their rather ludicrous attempts to position themselves far from Obama:

Cannot Confirm

Even if Republicans win the Senate, the president has been planning more unconstitutional executive actions, and we’ll see him attempt to make them reality before January, when the new Congress comes into session:


Neither should Republicans rest on their laurels if they win the Senate. There’s another election coming in 2016, and if they don’t put forward a positive agenda and challenge Obama to veto their measures, citizens will have to wonder if the Republican party has anything to offer.

Barring an unforeseen circumstance, the Democrat nominee in 2016 will be Hillary Clinton—for some reason. She has been a gaffe-machine for quite some time. Her latest was to say that businesses don’t create jobs. If the media would replay her silly comments as often as they do when a Republican misspeaks, she would have no chance at all. Fortunately, cartoonists have an excellent memory, and they don’t mind jogging ours:



What Difference

Get ready for another round of media-love for the Democrat candidate, where they will ignore and/or whitewash anything she does that is foolish, inane, or downright stupid. Our job is to be alert and disseminate the truth as far and wide as possible.