The Angry President? Really?

I’ve never witnessed any president so angry about all the things that have gone awry under his administration. Have you seen the montage going around of all the times he has said he is “madder” than anyone about some scandal or glitch, and promises to get to the bottom of it and hold people accountable?


Then, after he makes his “madder than thou” statement, he does absolutely nothing. More than that, he does his best to ignore the problem, ridicule his critics, and/or brush the “false” scandal under the rug. Nothing to see here. Everything is under control. It’s those evil Republicans who are misleading you.

Everything Under Control

If he fears some kind of negative poll numbers from any problem, his first response is to try to take charge of the political perception by appointing someone “new” to ease the public’s fears. That hasn’t exactly worked with his new Ebola czar; the political nature of the appointment is much too blatant. Yet any solution he comes up with will always involve more government control:

Unnecessary Czar Appointments

It’s what he does best.

Yet, no matter how he attempts to spin his failures into achievements, polls indicate most Americans hold a different view:

Wrong Way

And, as I’ve noted quite often recently, Democrats up for election this cycle are almost in panic mode:

Tattoo Removal

Once this election is past, our president has another surprise for us:


Wait and see. It’s coming to a country you live in shortly after the election.