Ebola & Public Confidence

The Ebola scare seems to be subsiding at the moment. We need to keep in mind, though, that there is an incubation period for the virus. Our health officials seem to be of two minds, however, as to the length of that period. Is it 21 days or 42? Whom do we trust to tell us? The information from the CDC has been wildly contradictory on all fronts.

Audit the Nurse

That’s right. We wouldn’t want the public to lose confidence in the omnicompetence of our government. Yet when any government agency, like the CDC, seems to defy logic, refusing to back a ban on travel into the U.S. from Ebola-infested countries, how are we supposed to trust?

CDC Security

It’s not just the CDC. Does anyone remember the DOJ’s brilliant idea of tracking guns sold to Mexican drug cartels? How did that work out?

But don’t worry, we now have an Ebola czar. Never mind that there already is one somewhere in the underground caverns of the Department of Health and Human Services. No, we have to add another layer of bureaucracy. And who do we get for this new “czar”? A political hack by the name of Ron Klain, whose chief claim to fame was his connection to the failed Solyndra company that received tons of tax funding. He also was a counselor to Al Gore and Chief of Staff for Joe Biden.

So what is there about Klain’s background that’s supposed to inspire confidence in the public? Cartoonists have a common theme in their depictions of Klain. It’s not hard to discern:

Play Doctor

Not a Doctor

Ebola Czar

There’s already speculation that this is merely a steppingstone for Klain, as he has been promised a higher-profile position if he accepted this one. He didn’t exactly jump into the job, missing the first congressional hearing on the issue.

What this really says to me is that this administration is not serious about the threat. As with any crisis in this White House, the first response is how to handle it politically.

Why would we think the Obama administration is vitally concerned about the health of American citizens? Ah, Obamacare, of course. How is that working out for us?