Ebola & the Demise of Logic

I’m trying to maintain a balanced outlook on the Ebola crisis. Is it a crisis? Have people jumped into panic mode too quickly? As I watch and listen to those in authority, the ones we’re supposed to trust because they are the experts in this field, I have to admit to something less than confidence in their statements.

It appears that, in some instances, common sense has been set aside entirely. Consider the logic of what we’re hearing from the CDC:

Make It Worse

When I hear the head of the CDC say that stopping flights from Liberia, etc., from coming to the US would only spread the virus more, I stand amazed at the stupidity of the logic. What’s his next job going to be, chief of Homeland Security?

Looks Safe

But don’t worry. We have a president who is always on top of everything.

Nothing to Fear

Yes, trust him. Has he ever given us any reason to doubt his word or his seriousness about anything?