Mutiny on the Democrat Bounty

The purported “most transparent” administration in history is not pleased with the new transparency. In truth, this has been arguably the most obstructive, secretive administration in history, acknowledged even by the journalists that have done their best to place President Obama on an unassailable pedestal. They are becoming more disgruntled with the lack of access; they are, in effect, spurned lovers.

Former administration officials have been writing books about their time with this president. The carefully polished, and largely contrived, image of a man who is cool, competent, and in charge is crumbling at an increasing rate of speed.


To be fair, tell-all books can sometimes be written for purely political purposes, i.e., Hillary Clinton’s inaptly titled tome Hard Choices. She’s doing her best to distance herself from Obama as she attempts to take his place in 2016. But Robert Gates’s Duty has no such motive, and the newest one to appear, Worthy Fights by Leon Panetta, purports to be an honest perspective. One can question Panetta’s motives also, though, because he is largely seen as a Clinton operative.

Et Tu

Regardless of the reason for publishing his book, Panetta has been making some rather disturbing claims about his time in the Obama cabinet. Boil it all down, and what he’s saying is that this president is not up to the task of leading the country. And that comes from a lifelong Democrat who willingly served in two high-level positions under Obama. It’s been difficult for the White House to parry these charges. One might expect a tried-and-true defense to pop up at any time now:

Caused By a Video

Damage-control mode is in full swing, with the Obama faithful doing what they have done over and over with such incidents as Benghazi and the IRS debacle:

Cover-Up Team

Democrats who have backed Obama’s policies from the start and from whose ranks seldom is heard a discouraging word, are now beginning to panic, particularly with the midterm elections only a couple of weeks away. Suddenly, no one running on the Democrat ticket is an Obamaphile. If you think I’m exaggerating, just look at some of the ads they’re running. They keep saying things like “I’m not Obama” and highlighting how they disagree with various of his policies, despite the incontrovertible fact that until his approval ratings tanked, they were on board 100%.

Blame Captain

It would be funnier if it didn’t showcase the sad spectacle of politicians who can’t really think of anything other than protecting their own power base, and whose primary goal in life is their own advancement. They are just as much to blame for the state of this nation as their leader, but don’t expect them to accept responsibility. Honesty on that side of the aisle is virtually nonexistent.