Intelligence Failures

ISIS forces closing in on a city in Syria. Our bombing has done nothing to stop them. Baghdad, in Iraq, also threatened. Our bombing seems ineffective. An astounding 70% or so of Americans in a recent poll saying ground troops may be needed. Everyone is getting the point—except the one person who ought to get it.

Former Obama secretary of defense Leon Panetta has come out with his book. In it, he details how Obama rejected his and other military officials’ view that it was imperative to leave a residual force in Iraq to avoid a repeat of terrorism in that country. Apparently, Obama had only one thing on his mind:


With blinders like that, our president could see nothing else. He lives in his own little world where things work the way he thinks they should. Unfortunately, the rest of us live in the real world.

We’re now told that Obama attended only 42% of his daily intelligence briefings. I guess he can’t be bothered with boring things like that.

Sunday Edition

When confronted with his gross miscalculation with respect to the ISIS threat, he does what he always does so well—blame others:

Duck Stops Here

Yes, there was an intelligence failure, but not the one he described:

Intelligence Failure

He’s far more interested in what he considers to be the “real” war that is waging within the U.S.

War on Women

Of course, this all began with a different type of intelligence failure—on the part of the American voter:


We need a return to intelligence this November. Will we see it?

Million Times

God forgive us for 2008 and 2012. Please have mercy in 2014, even though we don’t deserve it.