The September 10th Mentality

September 10 SpeechIt’s entirely appropriate that President Obama addressed the nation on September 10th because it accurately reflects his September 10th mentality. His speech last night, while superficially tough in language on some points, nevertheless revealed the deep divide that exists between his worldview and the worldview of those of us who see a genuine threat from Islam.

He practically began the speech with a disclaimer about the ISIS terrorist organization, saying it wasn’t really Islamic. What’s next? Apples aren’t fruit? Clouds aren’t in the sky? The sun is really the moon?

Obama has never wavered one moment in his sympathy for Islam and in his desire to paint it as a peaceful religion. To be fair, George Bush did the same, but not with the same energy as his successor. Remember the Ft. Hood massacre by the soldier screaming Allahu Akbar? No, that had nothing to do with Islam; that was merely workplace violence. At least, that’s our government’s official designation for what happened there.

So, even though  there was some tough talk about destroying ISIS, the president has no real grasp of the worldwide threat that exists. He sees this as only a regional problem. Neither did he mention that ISIS brings in millions of dollars daily—daily—to fund its terrorist goals. This takes it more that one step further than Al Qaeda. He didn’t address our porous southern border, which is sure to be taken advantage of by ISIS. Some are providing evidence that they are already here.

President Obama also claimed in this speech that America has never been safer. As one commentator asked afterwards, “Is there really anyone who believes that?” Polls point decidedly in the opposite direction. Not since September 11th, 2001, have we felt less secure than now.

According to White House correspondent Ed Henry of Fox News, it took until two days before this speech to convince the president to take a stronger tone. His advisers worked hard to give it any teeth at all. Obama acquiesced, albeit reluctantly. One wonders how much of what he said last night he actually believes. Was this merely political cover, given the abysmal polls and the public’s perception that he’s way behind the curve on this threat?

We now know he had been given daily briefings about ISIS for more than a year, but apparently didn’t take them seriously. Perhaps his mind was elsewhere:

Daily Briefing

Further, Obama continues to see all such issues of terrorism through the lens of criminal activity, not war. He’s still determined to bring terrorists to justice through our court system, thereby granting them all the rights of American citizens. How absurd is that?

Seal Team Obama

And what of this “broad coalition” of allies to take on ISIS? Supposedly, there are nine nations that have said they will help. George Bush had more than forty. Obama didn’t say last night just what these nations are prepared to do. The only one that seems to be stepping up to the plate, at least verbally, is Britain, where Prime Minister David Cameron has begun taking a stronger line against his nation’s homegrown terrorists. Of course, that took some time for him to acknowledge:

May Have Problem

Western civilization may be at its lowest ebb in modern times, and we have a president who thinks that speeches will somehow win the day:


He is sadly mistaken. It takes more than a speech to turn the tide. It takes action, and not the limited sort he has prescribed. Today is the 13th anniversary of that horrible day in 2001, yet we have someone in charge of our government who is essentially clueless as to the nature of the enemy that continues to threaten us thirteen years later.