The “No Strategy” Presidency

President Obama’s declaration of non-action a few days ago continues to reverberate. It’s created shock waves, even within his own party, as Democrats are coming out in increasing numbers, calling for some kind of strategy to defeat ISIS. They’re more than a little concerned about showing weakness as the November elections approach. Not our president, though. He is very relaxed:

Lifeguard in Chief

And while Iraq suffers, especially the Christians in that nation, we get a few bombs dropped on ISIS, but nothing at a level to reverse the tide. Neither is there any long-term commitment from this president that anyone believes. He will mouth certain platitudes at times and sound good, but then his next statements seem to backtrack on the stronger ones he delivered earlier. It leaves everyone confused as to his intentions. He should just come out and say what he means:

A Plan

Closing one’s eyes to a problem doesn’t make it go away. Perhaps he just needs to make a solid promise everyone can rely upon—you know, like one of his previous promises:

Keep Your Head

No, that wouldn’t calm any fears. In times past, presidents have used their position to project American strength; not so much in this administration:


On top of all this comes the news that somehow the Department of Homeland Security has “lost” 6,000 students who have entered the U.S. from foreign countries. Lost? If only the rest of us could be so fortunate. I wouldn’t mind if the IRS lost me. One has to wonder, too, if “students” is kind of a fiction. What are they here for, really? Are they learning to fly planes?

Bigger Pole

But never fear, our president is always alert to his real enemies, and he knows how to mobilize all resources to destroy them:


Yes, it really is that bad.