Obama & the Terrorist Threat

If you were one of those who believed all the hype about Barack Obama when he first ran for president in 2008, you were probably expecting the smartest man in American history was about to take the helm. Obama was so educated, so concerned about you, and was the one who would rise above all petty divisions in the country and unite us all, particularly healing any breach between black and white.

If you’re someone who has paid attention since then, you have been sorely disappointed.

The Obama reign has brought greater division, as he seems to want to inflame racial resentment, it has seen a government takeover of the healthcare system—a botched takeover at that—, a parade of neverending scandals, an aloofness and arrogance that never seeks to bridge the political gap, and the retreat of American leadership in the world, as evidenced by the growing Islamic terrorist threat.

Don't Test Well

The rise of ISIS in the Middle East is the latest threat we face. In a Pentagon briefing yesterday, Secretary of Defense Hagel warned that ISIS is “beyond just a terrorist group” and that this organization is well funded and “beyond anything that we’ve seen.” ISIS is now considered more dangerous than Al Qaeda at its peak. Yet this is the group that Obama called the “junior varsity” not too long ago.

This is the group that now boasts it will fly it flag over the White House. Empty boast? Well, in the literal sense, probably, but what’s to stop ISIS operatives from crossing over our leaky border? Perhaps they have done so already. I’m one who sees the threat coming to our shores, not just relegated to the Middle East. And what confidence do we have in our president’s leadership, given his track record of threats and warnings that have never come to fruition?

Draw Red Line

By the way, where is our president at this critical time? Vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, of course. But don’t worry, he can get back to the White House and be in charge of the Situation Room if something really urgent needs his attention:

Urgent Matters

Even the beheading of American journalist James Foley, one of the most barbaric and disgusting actions put on YouTube for the whole world to see, merited only a statement of outrage and more empty threats from the presumed leader of the free world. Ten minutes after delivering his statement, he was off again to take care of his more urgent business:

Drop Me Off

One wonders what it will take to get him really upset:

Obama's Attention

If you were a soldier under orders from this commander-in-chief, would you be inspired by his leadership?


What, specifically, is the Obama administration now going to do about the ISIS terrorists who murdered Foley? Incredibly, the DOJ, under the ever-steady hand of Eric Holder, is now planning to file criminal charges against them, complete with a courtroom drama that provides those who carried out this deed—if indeed they can be located and captured—with all the constitutional protections of American citizens when charged with a crime. This is how the Clinton administration tried to handle terrorism as well. It’s a return to the foolishness of affording “rights” to those who make war on our nation.


This is a recipe for disaster and Barack Obama is the chief chef cooking it. Unfortunately, we are the ones who are being force fed a concoction that will poison us all.