Foreign Crises/American Blindness

Americans don’t like to think much about foreign affairs. Sometimes, we can be shortsighted, hiding from the reality that what happens on the other side of the world could have a direct impact on us. The new terror group, ISIS, has declared it plans to fly its flag over the White House. Unrealistic boasting? I hope so. But the only way to make sure it never occurs is to take action while we can.

Meanwhile, as Israel continues to fight for its very survival, we have Hamas sympathizers in America who see Israel as the real problem. Are they blind as to how Hamas operates?

Prisoner of War

If some of us are blind, part of the reason is not hard to figure out:


And if you are counting on the UN to lend a helping hand, you must be blind to history:

UN Resolution

If it seems like the crises are piling up, you are right. Ah, for simpler times:

Good Old Days

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some real leadership at this crucial time in our nation’s history?