The Incredible Shrinking President

Barack Obama has been a media creation from the start. All the hype was exactly that—image and public relations. Whatever substance did exist was birthed in the communist upbringing he received from his parents and grandparents, in the radical environs of Columbia and Harvard, and on the streets carrying out the subversive vision of Saul Alinsky.

He also brought to the office of the presidency a disdain for the rule of law and the Constitution. The office he holds means very little to him except as a vehicle to transform America via his own radical agenda. The only reason America still exists today, after more than five years of his tenure, is due to two factors: first, the government set up by the Founders is not as easily dispensed with as Obama supposed; second, he is, by his own admission, rather lazy. Let’s add “incompetent” to the laundry list of flaws. Those character deficiencies have stalled the descent into the abyss, so we should be grateful for them.

On the world stage, Obama has become nearly a non-entity. His word means virtually nothing; no one pays attention anymore because they’ve seen him in inaction and know they have nothing to fear:

Shrinking President

He keeps a hectic schedule, to be sure, but everything is either a photo op, a round of golf, or another fundraiser:

Seal of President

Fundraiser-in-Chief might be a more appropriate title for him. While it’s true that the White House goes with him, in a sense, wherever he goes, and no president is ever out of touch with what’s happening, it’s becoming obvious even to the most avid Obama defenders that he doesn’t really like the responsibilities that go along with being president. He’d rather absent himself as much as possible:

Can't Come to Phone

Then there are all those nagging scandals that he would like to ignore. They’re getting harder to run away from:

Not Transparent

A Republican president would have been impeached by now. Interestingly, Obama and his adherents are using the threat of impeachment to stir up the base and raise even more money. They think if Republicans take the bait and attempt to impeach him, it will only help Democrats in the coming election.

By the way, they’re right.

Since impeachment is impossible, given the current composition of the Senate, it’s best for Republicans to avoid that trap. They will make greater inroads in November by continuing to remind the public just how ideologically radical, lazy, incompetent, and scandal-plagued this president is.