Common Sense at the Border

Do we have a border crisis or is the current state of affairs at our southern border just what the Obama administration wants? Perhaps illegal immigrants can be excused for being confused about our policy. We don’t exactly make it clear, do we?

Mixed Messages

Protecting our border is a federal responsibility, but when the federal government doesn’t do its job, it’s understandable that states have to shoulder the burden instead. That’s why Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has now ordered a thousand National Guardsmen to the border. Does he deserve the criticism he receives for doing so, or should that criticism instead be directed toward those who are looking the other way?

Washington, DC, can sometimes be another world where politicians live in luxury penthouses and only occasionally get out to see what’s happening where the peons live. Harry Reid is a prime example. He actually stated publicly, on the record, that the border is secure. That’s when you know for sure a politician resides on some other planet:

Border Is Secure

As a history professor, it’s not too difficult to imagine how Harry Reid would have responded during the War of 1812 when the British invaded and burned Washington:


Lest we forget, there are good reasons for not having a porous border. It’s not a matter of being hardhearted toward those who might like to live in the U.S. Rather, it’s a combination of respect for the rule of law—which will disintegrate if we allow it to be violated so easily—and concern for national security. Keep in mind there are some out there who love the access we give them and who would use it to their advantage:

Wide Open

All of that seems to be lost on the presumed Leader of the Free World who spends most of his time on other activities:

Cancel Fundraiser

One could say he deserves what he gets, but, unfortunately, the rest of us will suffer along with him. Securing the border is no more extremist than securing one’s own home from intruders. It used to be called common sense.