Cartooning Made Easy

It’s always a bit of a break for me to make one of my posts center more on political cartoons. They do such a fine job of illustrating absurdity that they deserve a central place regularly. For instance, on the current border crisis, what can make the point any better than this?

Crazy Idea

Eric Holder’s always a prime candidate for skewering. He’s at it again, equating any opposition to Obama’s policies as a product of racial animosity. Well, at least he’s consistent:

Reflexes Fine

And Holder’s DOJ is one of the most corrupt of the corrupt government agencies. He says the FBI is doing a great job investigating the IRS scandal. No need to look into it further:

Heads Up

If the DOJ is asleep, it’s by order of the man who runs it.

And there’s always the president himself, wholly devoted to running for office continually, even when he can’t serve another term. His primary occupation seems to be attending fundraisers. That makes lampooning him almost too easy:


The hypocrisy is so blatant, it makes the cartoonists’ job simple. If only I could draw . . .