Border Insecurity

The most prominent story in the past week has been the influx of children from Central America coming over our border for the express purpose of being apprehended and then resettled somewhere in the U.S (although, if the truth be known, some of those children are gang members and nearly 50% of the detainees are adults). They know that will be the result for most of them since we are not doing anything to stop the illegal immigration flow and our humanitarian impulses will ensure they are taken care of.

Why the influx now? It’s a direct outgrowth of the administration’s policy of inviting everyone to come without penalty. Rules for immigration? Oh, those can be ignored. Why bother with the rule of law? It’s what our Chief Executive does every day. Concerns about terrorism with an uncontrolled border? Overblown, of course. We are the problem; there would be no Muslim extremists if we didn’t harbor such suspicions about them. Overwhelming the system? No sweat. We’ll just spend more money we don’t have. Everyone come. Oh, and our border has never been more secure. At least, that’s the line we’re supposed to believe:

Never More Secure

Of course, President Obama is right on top of the situation. His first action was to stop in Colorado and play some pool:

Your Shot

Those photo ops were engineered to show that he gets out to meet ordinary people, like the governor of Colorado. It was also a great way to ignore what’s happening at the border and punt to the Republicans, who obviously are the real culprits here. His next stop was Texas where there actually is a border with Mexico. I think he’s aware of that. Yet when Gov. Perry of Texas asked him to please go to the border to see what’s occurring, he demurred. That would just be a photo op, you know, and he’s not into those:

Photo Ops

He did lower himself to meet with the governor for a few minutes, but Perry came away unconvinced that the president really cares about the problem:


After all, his real reason for being in Texas in the first place was to go to some fundraisers. Priorities.

Genuine leadership is lacking if one compares the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with one of his predecessors:

Tear Down This Wall

Not exactly a Reagan moment.

What people need to realize is that the reason Obama is not invested in a solution to the problem is that he doesn’t see it as a problem. This is precisely what he wants to happen. He seeks complete amnesty for all illegals; in fact, he disdains the term. All, in his view, have a right to be here. In fact, I strongly suspect that if he had his way, the only ones being deported would be people like me. He doesn’t like criticism.

So don’t waste time worrying about when he’s going to change policy and take this seriously. It will never happen. Our only recourse is through the courts and through the elections of 2014 and 2016. Hopefully, there will be something left to salvage.