The Phoniness of Being Hillary Clinton

My final “catch-up” blog  on things I missed while on vacation in June centers on the astounding claim by Hillary Clinton that when she and her husband left the White House in 2001, they were dead broke. That comment was widely ridiculed by all segments of the political spectrum and further tarnished the Clinton image, reinforcing their reputation as tellers of tall tales. It also aroused the political cartoon class to new heights of humor. I can let those cartoonists carry most of the weight of commentary today.

What Difference

To me, it makes no difference at all. My view of the supposed frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for president is unchanged by this newest faux pas. All it does is confirm what I already know about her—she will say anything for political advantage:

Never Easy

She has rather innovative definitions:


Speaking of definitions, I’m waiting for her to pick up on the tactic Bill made so infamous back in 1998:

That Depends

In fact, Bill has made over $100 million since he left office and Hillary gets six figures for every speech she makes. If that’s the definition of dead broke, I’m sure a good number of their fellow citizens would like to become as dead broke as they are:

Will Work

A Few Words

Meanwhile, her book tour hasn’t gone as planned either. Sales for her new self-congratulatory epic written by someone else have been disappointing. There might be a good reason for that:


When even her most ardent supporters are asked what she has done to deserve the highest office in the land, they come up stammering. It’s difficult to think of any good reason why she should be elevated to the presidency. About the best they can offer is that she’s a Clinton, and they want to revive the Clinton brand, and that it’s “her turn.” You know, now that we’ve had our first black president and that’s worked out so swimmingly, a woman needs to step into the Oval Office next. Forget whether she is actually qualified for the job; ignore her lack of genuine accomplishments; and by all means, don’t mention her awful decisions and failures:

Hillary Arrested

Benghazi is her legacy, no matter how she attempts to spin it, and her ideology meshes nicely with Obama’s, thereby making a Hillary presidency an extension of the radicalism we’re currently suffering through. Are we so deluded that we will choose another four years of this? Time will tell.