Meriam Ibrahim & Islamic Injustice

I could take up this space today commenting on the VA scandal as it grows, or I could pick apart President Obama’s weak, defensive speech to West Point cadets yesterday. Those, and a hundred other things, could be the topic of the day. But I’ve decided to draw attention instead to the absolutely awful pending execution of a woman in Sudan whose only offense is that she’s a Christian.

Perhaps you’ve seen the wedding photo of this couple:

Meriam Ibrahim

The wife, Meriam Ibrahim, was recently sentenced to death for not renouncing her Christian faith. Her husband, Daniel Wani, became a naturalized American citizen a number of years ago. Meriam sought to do the same, but her request for a visa to come to the U.S. was delayed for some reason by our State Department. Daniel is wheelchair bound and depends on Meriam for what he calls “all the details” of his life.

The background: Meriam was born into a family with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. The father deserted the family and she was raised by her mother. She became a Christian under her mother’s influence. She never was a Muslim. Yet Shariah law in Sudan requires children to follow their father’s faith. She has been found guilty of adultery (for marrying a Christian) and apostasy for not “returning” to Islam, even though she never was Islamic before. The penalty is hanging.

The couple has a 20-month old son who is in the prison with Meriam. Also, she just gave birth to a baby girl while in the prison. The “merciful” judges have decided to delay the execution until the new child is weaned. Then Meriam will be hanged.

Christians should work on her behalf. Many are doing so. The American government should be working to reverse the original error that kept her from emigrating to the U.S. I have no idea if it is doing anything; reports are not encouraging. After all, this is the Obama administration, and cases such as Meriam’s are not priority, if they are on its radar at all. Only increased pressure from those who care will push the Obama team into action.

Pray for Meriam and her family. She has shown her faith is genuine, refusing to recant under threat of death. Jesus said Christians would be persecuted until the end of time. It’s part of what we must expect. Yet that doesn’t mean we should be resigned to let this unjust sentence be carried out. We need to publicize the injustice. If giving notice in this blog can help even a little, I will be grateful.