The Democrats’ Investigative Angst

The new select committee to investigate Benghazi has the Democrats in a tizzy. What? Investigate why four men died in a terrorist attack at a consulate that didn’t have proper security despite repeated requests, where no one gave the word to send help when lives could have been saved, and a fanciful story about an obscure internet video became the excuse because we were in the middle of a presidential campaign in which the incumbent had said Al Qaeda was on the run and he had a fundraiser in Las Vegas to attend and couldn’t be bothered by a small thing like a terrorist attack? You mean that necessitates an investigation? Why, how absurd! What difference does it make now, dude, two years after the fact? Nothing to see here. Move on.

If that’s the case, why the angst over a committee tasked to get the facts? Could it be because of where the investigation may lead?

Up a Tree

The Democrats naturally will do whatever they can to shield their presumptive 2016 presidential nominee:

Brick Wall

But if truth should actually come to light, there will be no loss of poise on their side. They can always shift the blame:

Cookie Jar

This investigation must go forward. It is essential. I say that not as a political statement or partisan ploy. It is essential to good government and holding people accountable for their actions and/or inactions.