The Obamacare Chronicles (cont.)

It’s time for my obligatory Obamacare posting of the week. Why? Two reasons. First: despite all the administration’s efforts to convince people this is a success, the horror stories on how it is affecting us continue without letup. Second: the cartoonists are still having a field day with it. And why not? It’s ripe for lampooning. For instance, the administration’s theme that enrollment is rising covers up a significant factor in any numbers they put forward:

More People

That technique will become more prevalent in the future.

Then there’s the insistence that the debate is over, and it’s time to move on. One cartoonist saw a similarity with an event in a previous administration:

Mission Accomplished

The goal, apparently, is to deny reality as long as possible:

Keep Playing

As long as the media is on the president’s side, reality will be ignored in the hope of keeping the populace ignorant. Will ignorance win out in the end? We’ll find out in November.