Keystone Politics

We won WWII in less than four years. A lot of decisions had to made in wartime—big decisions that affected the lives of millions. Those decisions required consideration of all the factors. Yet they were made in time to carry out the mission.

The Keystone Pipeline project has been studied for more years than it took to win that war. The studies have made it clear there is no environmental hazard from moving ahead with it. Keystone will not only help our energy situation, it will provide many jobs. One would think that a nation seeking energy independence and suffering from slow job growth would have no problem proceeding with this.

But this is a nation under Obama.

He has always hated oil. Now, a huge Democrat donor, environmentalist Tom Steyer, who hates this pipeline, has pledged a minimum of $100 million to Democrat campaign coffers for the fall elections. The catch? Kill the pipeline. Caught between unions who want these jobs and the money, what can Democrat politicians do? Actually, the answer was rather easy for them:

Oldest Profession

So now we are subjected once again to another “study” to determine if the pipeline really is safe. We’re to believe that all the previous studies mean little or nothing. We must start from scratch. Or at least wait until after the elections.


We’re told, of course, that politics has nothing to do with this decision. And we simply must understand just how complicated the issue is. It must go through all the channels:

Obama Pipeline

But don’t fret. A decision will be made someday. They promise.