The New Titanic

Even as the White House keeps up a triumphant bellow about enrolling 7.1 million people through the Obamacare exchanges, a new study by the Rand Corporation says that number may be closer to 4 million, after taking into account all factors. After all, if someone had health insurance previously and lost it due to the new law, is it really a plus to consider that person an Obamacare success story?


Just for the sake of fairness, let’s suppose the 7.1 million number is accurate. What does that really mean for those who are now on the good ship Obamacare? Could it perhaps resemble an earlier ship?

Full Ship

No matter how bleak the future with this law, its supporters continue to dig in their heels and refuse to acknowledge it’s snuffing the life out of American healthcare and the American economy.

Might Kill Him

Beyond the healthcare system itself and the economy is an even greater danger to American liberties:


The long arm of Obamacare threatens Christian believers in particular. Just ask Hobby Lobby, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and any evangelical educational institution operating on its faith.

Shouldn’t one disembark from a ship heading toward an iceberg?