A Monday Potpourri

My goal each day is to offer something worthy of your time. I mean, why stop by this blog otherwise? So I usually find some kind of theme, whether spiritual, cultural, or political on which to base my comments. But I freely admit it’s not always easy. Some mornings, as I sit down in front of this laptop, I feel like I have nothing to say to anyone. That’s not good for someone who is trying to maintain a daily commentary, is it?

Every once in a while, I just throw kind of a potpourri at you. Today feels like potpourri day. How about just enjoying some good cartoons together? We can start on the cultural side:

Asking for Olaf

Then we can go with the purely political:

Campaign Slogan

Perhaps a combination of the two:

Faculty Lounge

Future SAT

Spend More

Then there are those that might combine the spiritual, cultural, and political. After all, life is not so neatly compartmentalized as some would like to make it:

Liked Book Better


And do try to look upon Monday as a gift from God. Every day belongs to Him. Enjoy yourself in Him this day.