Deadlines, Red Lines, & Politics

Today is the former deadline for signing up for Obamacare. Those who think, though, that President Obama is doing something new by changing this deadline have forgotten that this has become pretty much a standard operating procedure for him, as it’s slightly reminiscent of how he conducts foreign policy as well. He gets pretty much the same result in both realms:

Now What

Ostensibly, this alteration in the deadline is to help all those who don’t have insurance and just haven’t had the time to sign up during the past six months. Keep in mind that probably only about 1/30 of the uninsured have decided to go with this “rescue mission” designed especially for them. Why haven’t they jumped at the offer? Could it be that it’s too expensive? Or is Harry Reid right when he says they’re just not smart enough to navigate the Internet and need more time? The words “Harry Reid” and “right” don’t really belong in the same sentence.

Here’s the bottom line: this deadline was moved purely for political reasons. Obamacare is political poison for Democrats this November. If President Obama could get his way on everything, I think I know what he would do at this juncture:

Delay Midterm

Meanwhile, there is a gleam in Republicans’ eyes:


If the elections were held today, I believe that would be the result. Now, will Republicans be smart with this advantage or find a way to ruin themselves? For the sake of the country, pray that they stand firm on principles and find the proper way to communicate them.