Happy [?] Anniversary, Obamacare

Today is an anniversary. Four years ago on this day we were saddled with Obamacare. Life hasn’t been the same since. Passed, ostensibly, to ensure healthcare coverage for those who had no insurance, we’ve seen the opposite happen. Only about 10% of those who didn’t have insurance now have it. Millions more who had insurance they liked were forced off it and thrown into the Obamacare exchanges with higher deductibles, fewer doctors, hospitals, and special care centers to choose from, and generally higher premiums.

This is progress?

The law is so unpopular that the administration is having to go to all lengths to get people to sign up. The president is pulling out all the stops before we reach the end of the initial enrollment period next Monday. If you’re looking for your president, you can find him in all the best places:


The goal is to focus on all those low-information voters, particularly young people, who are essential to the program. Without them, it will be a financial disaster. So there’s no limit to what President Obama may do to achieve his aim. Time to set aside whatever dignity the office of the presidency still retains:

Beneath Dignity

If this program were truly based on the free market, there’s no question what would have occurred by now:

No Recall

Unfortunately, the government is going to continue to shove this down our collective throats. It may collapse under its own weight, but we can’t take a wait-and-see approach. Active resistance—repeal and replace—still is necessary.